Friday, September 7, 2012

Space Is Sweet

Apparently there is traces of sugar in outer space
I find it fascinating and at the same time i wonder why don't they try to look at what is yet to be found on earth.

Star Trek "What If"

What if the Enterprise crew intercept a transmission from an alternate reality?
Et si l'équipage de l'Enterprise interceptait une transmission venant d'une réalité alternative?

Thursday, September 6, 2012


What happens when a terran is lost on an alien planet in a galaxy far far away.
Qu'arrive t-il quand une terrienne est perdue sur une planete dans une galaxie très très loin.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I know some criticized the choice of Anne Hathaway to play Catwoman in Dark Knight Rises,but i think she can't be worse than Halley Berry's Catwoman,or Michelle Pfeifer in Batman Return.

Black Widow

After the success of movies like Iron Man Thor Hulk etc,its the turnof Black Widow to have her own movie.

Wasp Origin

Nibiru "Return Of The Gods

Inspired by the legend of Nibiru also known as planet X
Inspiré par la légende de Nibiru aussi connue sous le nom de planete X

The Car 2

Sequel to the original 1977 movie

3000 Miles To Armageddon

In the series of disaster end of the world movies.
Dans la séries des films catastrophes fin du monde.

Star Trek DS9 "Return Of The Emissary

Nothing else to say
Rien d'autre a dire

Space Shark

Another unofficial hommage to the SyFy movie of the month
Un autre hommag non officiel au films du mois de SyFy.

Star Trek vs Star Wars

A simple versus movie poster for the Trek,Wars fans

The british have James Bond,the americans have Jason Bourne,so its logical that Canada get its own JB Josh Baxter,canadian secret agent.
Les britanniques on James Bond,les américains ont Jason Bourne,c'est logique que le Canada ait le sien JB Josh Baxter,agent secret canadien.

First was 28 days later,then it was 28 weeks later,now here's 28 months later

Monday, September 3, 2012

Imperial Invasion

In a galaxy not far
Dans une galaxie tout près.


The legendary bird as come to life in this fantastic movie,inspired by the giant animals in the 1970s movies.

Here's one with everyone's favorite amazon,as you see,i chose a different type of fighter for WWs invisible jet.


As you see this is my version of a co-production USA Japan of the movie Spidergirl,i again simply took an image online and added the rest to it.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

XXX 3 Endgame

Since the first movie had a white guy,the second had a black guy,its logical that the third gets an asian,and who better than Jet Li to take the lead role.
Puis-ce que le premier avait un blanc,et le deuxième un noir,logiquement le trosième doit avoir un asiatique,et qui de mieu que Jet Li pour avoir le role prinçipal.

Mega Hamster

This one was inspired by these cheesy monster shark movies,on the SyFy channel
Celui çi est inspiré par ces nanars de film de requins monstrueux du SyFy channel 

Mission Vinea

Here's another one which uses a piece from artist Rick Van Koert,i thought it would be cool if they're was a movie of that comic book character.
En voiçi un autre,j'ais pris une oeuvre de Rick Van Koert,je me suis dis que ce serait cool si il y avait un film,de ce personnage de bande dessinée.

Alien Contact Contact Extra Terrestre

A little fun with motivational poster
Amusante affiche motivatrice.

The Girl From Atlantis

The above pix is the first version of the poster i've done a little over 1 year ago,i got the idea from the old 1970s serie "The man from Atlantis.
Below is the updated version,to which i added a submarine from a japanese sci-fi.

Supergirl 2

If the Supergirl movie had not been so cheesy,with the "witch" story,it would have possibly made possible a second Supergirl movie.
Si le film Supergirl n'avait pas été si médiocre avec l'histoire de sorçière,il y aurait possiblement eu une Supergirl 2.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Image found on the net,movie poster font done by me


Here's a movie we would have like to see made back in the 1960s,this Batgirl was alot better than the recent one.
Voiçi un film que nous aurions aimez voir des les années 1960s,cette Batgirl était mieu que celle dans le film récent.

The Boba Fett Chronicle

Here's the first fake movie poster i've made a few years ago,i thought that Lucas could have done movies not related to the Skywalker family.
Voiçi ma première affiche de faux films,que j'ais fais il y a quelques années,j'ais pensé que Lucas aurait pu faire des films n'ayant aucun rapport avec la famille Skywalker.